Transmit the Form, Not Coronavirus: Truly Contactless Forms for COVID-19 Compliance

In the wake of coronavirus and a strong emphasis on social distancing, companies have had to lean on technology more than ever. Some companies are even asking employees to fill out a COVID-19 Questionnaire before entering a jobsite. The project’s client may also require completed forms to be emailed to them before workers can step foot on the jobsite.

SafeTech Software makes COVID-19 compliance simple:

1. Easily create your own custom COVID-19 Questionnaire, or ask us for a basic template to get you started.

2. Workers fill out the questionnaire for each project from their phone, encouraging social distancing.

3. Quickly email your client the completed COVID-19 questionnaires without ever exchanging physical forms.

SafeTech offers truly contactless forms to support the health and safety of your entire team – from field to office to shop. Transmit the form, not coronavirus!

Sign up for SafeTech Software today to begin your 30 day FREE trial, and we’ll give you a basic COVID-19 Questionnaire template upon request. Stay well out there!