Go Digital with Your Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire extinguisher inspections must be performed monthly. We make that super easy with a digital inspection form that can also include a photo!

Here’s what a basic fire inspection form can look like:

With our easy drag-and-drop Template Designer, you can add these fields to your inspection form:

  • Operating Instructions Legible/Facing Out
  • Inspection Tag Present
  • Extinguisher is Clean
  • Extinguisher is Securely Mounted
  • Extinguisher is Easily Visible/Accessible
  • Plastic Seal/Wire/Pin is in Tact
  • Pressure Gauge Reading/In Optimal Range
  • No Dents on Extinguisher
  • No Visible Signs of Leakage
  • No Corrosion Anywhere
  • Discharge Hose/Outlet Clear
  • Shake Extinguisher to Prevent Settling
  • Photo Field – to show the signed tag

And for your viewing convenience, check out this short video on how to properly inspect your fire extinguishers.

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