10 Forms You Didn’t Know You Could Make with SafeTech Software

SafeTech Software was designed to be simple, empowering and flexible. We started out by solving the problem of too much paperwork for equipment safety inspections. But we soon realized that we could offer our customers unlimited options to create any form they want – whenever they want it!

Here’s a round-up of 10 creative ways SafeTech has been used to increase work efficiency in the crane industry, reduce time-sucking paper processing and increase accountability – which inevitably leads to safer jobsites.

Behavior Based Safety (BBS)

We're always on the lookout for ways to help companies enhance their safety record! But the logistics of printing BBS cards, making sure they make it into the trucks and then reminding employees to actually do them is a job in and of itself!

Why not incorporate BBS into your safety plan with digital forms? There are many ways to accomplish this -- even adding photos! -- but here's one example of a very basic BBS form.

You can monitor everything from gear and mechanics....

To safety hazards like slips/trips, equipment and the work environment, marking each condition as Safe or Unsafe. Adding to BBS forms to your SafeTech Software template suite is a natural fit!

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Move your monthly fire extinguisher inspections to a digital form for easier record keeping. You can ask your employees to check if it’s clean, securely mounted, leaking, corroded and more.

The inspection may also include a photo of the signed tag if you’d like – all from the convenience of your phone!

Daily Timesheet

Still doing paper timesheets? Human Resources staff can spend hours tracking down and sifting through paper timesheets. This is particularly time-consuming in the construction industry because workers are constantly changing locations and working variable hours.

Why not use digital timesheets that track exactly what you need to know and can be submitted from anywhere? With SafeTech, your employees can submit their daily timesheets at the tap of a button, allowing your HR staff to stay ahead of the clock – and even relax a bit!

This timesheet includes a brief job description, perdiem boolean and information about which asset the employee used during his shift.

Crane Superstructure Wire Rope and Drum Photos

Tired of spending thousands of dollars to replace equipment that should have lasted longer? Wondering why the problem wasn’t caught and repaired sooner?

SafeTech helps you to keep up on the state of your equipment with optional images on your inspection reports.

Request a photo on the inspection form to see if it’s really time to order more wire rope or if it just wasn’t re-reeved properly.

Your shop manager will be instantly notified if there’s a problem with the equipment so he can stay ahead of the repair schedule and get your fleet back to work faster!

Accident / Incident Investigation Report

Here’s a form-in-the-making for recording the details of accidents and incidents. Regardless of what you need to document, SafeTech Software’s simple drag-and-drop Template Designer offers you the flexibility to create exactly the form you need – without a PhD!

Helpful tips to describe form fields are conveniently accessed by clicking the question mark, and our phone number is always located in the app if you have additional questions.

Crane Operator’s Evaluation

Part of a comprehensive safety plan is regularly conducting employee evaluations. Here’s what part of a Crane Operator’s Evaluation form can look like in the Template Designer. This form checks compliance for everything from the Crane Super Structure to safety and technical devices.

The form also includes statements of agreement and a signature field to help ensure accountability – a key component in overall safety.

When it’s time to discuss the review, simply pull up the completed form, and print or email it to the employee!

Driver Evaluation Road Test

Maintain safe operations as a team by creating a driver evaluation form. In the examples below, this company organized the form into multiple sections:

  • Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Placing Vehicle in Operation
  • Backing and Parking
  • Intersections
  • Turning
  • Passing

These sections group similar requirements into categories, making it simpler and easier for the reviewer to perform the road test.

Additional fields can be included for specific questions and comments, and a signature is always included at the end of a form (not pictured).

Load Securement Checklist

Client forms can easily be created in SafeTech with a field for special instructions. So grab your client-approved paper forms and turn them into digital ones!

Another perk? You can quickly email multiple inspection forms to your client for safety and compliance reviews. That’s surely good enough for a few extra minutes at your coffee break!

Crane Carrier Inspection

Even long forms can be converted to more manageable digital inspection forms. Take this Crane Carrier Inspection, for example.

In the image below, we see that two users will be notified when issues are noted on the crane. Additionally, a few record-keeping specifics have been requested.

Next there are 33 inspection fields! (Not all are shown here.) Can you imagine doing this on paper? Of course you can because that’s how you’ve had to do your mandatory crane inspections until now!

SafeTech gives you the tools and the convenience to keep up with your equipment inspections from your phone or tablet to help ensure the safety of your employees and assets.

Fuel Sheet

SafeTech helps companies ditch the countless paperwork for tracking information that really doesn't require a pen and paper. That's why we thought creating a fuel sheet was a great way to use the Template Designer. It's a simple form that saves paper and makes it really easy for your drivers to track fuel fill-ups. Here's what it looks like!


Whether you’re inspecting equipment, tracking employee hours, keeping up with critical safety inspections, or simply trying to run your business more efficiently, SafeTech makes it super easy to turn all of your paper forms into digital ones!

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