How to Convince Your Boss to Switch from Paper to Digital Equipment Inspections Software

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? You sure can with simple, easy-to-use software!

SafeTech Software was designed to be simple, flexible and empowering for users of all breeds.

One issue that some companies run into is seasoned executives who are resistant to change. They’ve always done inspections on paper and aren’t excited about changing the workflow that’s as familiar to them as the equipment in their yard.

Here are some tips on how to make a case for digital equipment inspections to ensure the safety of your equipment and team as well as improve your business operations!

  1. Schedule a conference call to see a demo. Our software developer will personally take the time to show you how the software works and briefly train you how to use it (which is super easy!). Your boss can see the software in action and ask any questions from a knowledgeable developer.
  2. Start with a FREE trial. SafeTech offers a 30 free trial so you can input some data and test it out for yourself. When the business owner sees just how easy the software is to learn and how quickly inspections can be completed, he’ll be more apt to give it a try – all without paying a dime upfront!
  3. Do an informal office survey to find out how many employees would prefer digital inspections over paper. Print out a ballot, and tape a ballot box in the break room. Within a few days, you’ll know the level of interest your staff has regarding inspections software.
  4. Take a business approach. SafeTech’s beta users found that switching to digital equipment inspections has saved them money in maintenance costs, helped to retain multi-million dollar client contracts during safety audits, and increased accountability with their employees. What business owner doesn’t want higher efficiency, increased profits, and elevated safety records?
  5. Calm their security concerns. SafeTech was developed by a software programmer with more than two decades of experience and utilizes prudent security measures to make sure your data is safe. We also have regularly scheduled backups for extra precaution.

If you’ve got a boss who seems resistant to retiring the pencil-and-paper method of equipment inspections, try the above ideas to encourage him to take a look at equipment inspections software. You may just find that it’s an easier sell than you thought – and you can’t argue with the business operations benefits!

If you have any questions about SafeTech, please contact us at (480) 900-8870.

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