3 Ways to Use the Power of Custom Inspection Forms

So you’ve got digital inspection forms – hooray! But how can you best use the flexibility that comes with a powerful, yet easy-to-use form-building tool?

Here are three ways to adjust your inspection forms so that they accurately reflect the needs of your ever-changing business operations.

1. Update a Form

Regulations and requirements constantly change in the oil and construction industries. But that doesn’t always mean you need to reinvent the wheel.

Need to add a field to an existing form? No problem! Simply edit the Template and save it. The version number will automatically be updated, and your employees will see the new field the next time they use that form for an inspection.

Previously submitted inspection forms won’t change, and the Template version number is always included at the top of the inspection report so you know exactly which form was used.

2. Track Something New

Ready to track more than equipment inspections?

Our form-building tool is easy to use with drag-and-drop fields and requires little to no training. Useful tips are included in the app for helpful guidance and further explanation.

Once you get a Template under your belt, you’ll be ready to convert all of your paper forms to digital ones!

Try creating a crane safety inspection, fuel sheet, timesheets or vacation requests. Add as many fields as you need, and use the app’s image uploader to document mileage, fuel tank levels, repair issues and more.

3. Deactivate a Template

Ready to retire an old inspection form? No problem! When a certain inspection form becomes antiquated, simply disable it so that employees can no longer select it. This will not permanently delete the form, and all previously submitted inspections will remain untouched.

Change your mind? No worries, you can re-enable a disabled form on a whim!

In Conclusion

SafeTech gives you the flexibility to customize your inspections forms again and again as your business expands and changes. So don’t feel locked into a set way of inspecting equipment!

Our easy-to-use interface will allow you to make as many updates as you need, track information beyond equipment inspections and easily disable or enable versions as needed. Now that’s what I call flexible equipment safety inspections!