How to Create a Digital Fuel Sheet

Tired of managing paper fuel sheets? Wouldn’t it be easier to just pull out your phone and input the data into a web app?

Of course! We thought so, too!

Here’s an example of how SafeTech Software can be used to create a simple, digital fuel sheet.

This form has just 5 basic fields, but it makes tracking fuel for work trucks much simpler and easier.

  • Employee
  • Asset
  • Date
  • Gallons
  • Mileage

Simple forms are often most useful because employees are less likely to become confused about what information is requested. And the best part? This template can be created in less than 10 minutes with SafeTech’s drag-and-drop Template Designer!

What are the Benefits of Using a Digital Fuel Sheet?

  1. Easy Peasy. It’s much easier to input data on a tablet or phone, which you always have with you. No more making sure trucks have enough copies!
  2. Real-time Review. Managers can more easily – and instantly – review submitted fuel sheets online instead of having to track down a bunch of paperwork.
  3. Accountability. Submitted forms are signed and timestamped so you know exactly when they were completed.

So what are you waiting for? Turn those paper fuel sheets into digital ones during your [free trial] of SafeTech! Your employees will thank you.