Tired of managing paper fuel sheets? Wouldn’t it be easier to just pull out your phone and input the data into a web app? Of course! We thought so, too! Here’s an example of how SafeTech Software can be used to create a simple, digital fuel sheet.
So you’ve got digital inspection forms – hooray! But how can you best use the flexibility that comes with a powerful, yet easy-to-use form-building tool? Here are three ways to adjust your inspection forms so that they accurately reflect the needs of your ever-changing business operations.
Can you teach an old dog new tricks? You sure can with simple, easy-to-use software! SafeTech Software was designed to be simple, flexible and empowering for users of all breeds. One issue that some companies run into is seasoned executives who are resistant to change. They’ve always done inspections on paper and aren’t excited about changing the workflow that’s as familiar to them as the equipment in their yard.
SafeTech Software was designed to be simple, empowering and flexible. We started out by solving the problem of too much paperwork for equipment safety inspections. But we soon realized that we could offer our customers unlimited options to create any form they want – whenever they want it! Here’s a round-up of 8 creative ways SafeTech has been used to increase work efficiency in the crane industry, reduce time-sucking paper processing and increase accountability – which inevitably leads to safer jobsites.
Is everyone saying “It wasn’t me!” in your team meeting about wire rope getting torn up again? With the new Photo Field in SafeTech Software, your inspection forms can require photos to help you monitor equipment that doesn’t actually need to be adjusted or repaired (i.e. Inspection Field).
According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire extinguisher inspections must be performed monthly. We make that super easy with a digital inspection form that can also include a photo! Here’s what a basic fire inspection form can look like.
In the wake of coronavirus and a strong emphasis on social distancing, companies have had to lean on technology more than ever. Some companies are even asking employees to fill out a COVID-19 Questionnaire before entering a jobsite. The project’s client may also require completed forms to be emailed to them before workers can step foot on the jobsite. SafeTech Software makes COVID-19 compliance simple: