Get equipment inspections from field to shop in real-time.

Use your phone or tablet to complete digital equipment inspections in minutes with SafeTech.

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Why You'll Love Using SafeTech

Easy to use on-the-go.

Complete equipment inspections on the jobsite from your phone or tablet. You can save a form for later or submit it instantly at the tap of a button.

Simple, intuitive platform.

Who wants to spend days learning software that’s supposed to help you? SafeTech requires minimal training, and employees love it because it's so simple!

Powerful form-building.

Ready to add another type of equipment inspection? Use our drag-and-drop interface to create custom forms for all of your equipment.

How can SafeTech help your business?

Ensure Accountability

Every digital inspection is recorded with a timestamp so you know exactly when your equipment was inspected and by whom.

Identify Problems Instantly

When a repair is submitted, key contacts are emailed immediately so your maintenance team knows which parts to order.

Focus on Safety

Surprise audit? Simply email PDF inspections to a client or agency for safety and compliance reviews.

Keep Records Secure

Complete every inspection digitally through our secure Web app, which can be accessed from anywhere on any smart device.

Improve Business Operations

Knowing the condition of your assets allows you to plan ahead for costly repairs and new equipment purchases.

Document Issues Visually

Use your phone or tablet to snap a photo of an issue while out in the field, and easily upload it to your inspection.

Our Story

SafeTech Software was born out of a need for digital equipment inspection forms that just work. The software needed to be reliable, easy to use with minimal training and simply work as advertised.

After discovering this was hard to come by, a seasoned software developer and construction industry veteran teamed up to build the SafeTech platform, offering companies across the heavy equipment and rigging industries exceptional, customizable software that gets the job done right.

SafeTech saves you time through reduced paper processing; money by tracking equipment maintenance; and clients with improved safety and accountability.

Whether you’re a family-owned business or an industry titan, SafeTech provides you with enterprise-class equipment inspections software at a price you can afford.